‘Educate me for my future, not your past’

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Welcome to TFL Education

Here at TFL Education we believe that all children can, and should, succeed in realising their potential.

With this clear focus in mind, there is a growing body of research highlighting how a consistent focus on teaching character qualities and leadership traits is directly linked to pupils being able to flourish at school, in the workplace, and in society.

Therefore, as school leaders we have an obligation to ensure that our schools develop a character and leadership education strategy that is
intentional, planned, organised and reflective in order to provide the rationale, language and tools to promote aspiration and achievement for all pupils.

What have we done?

We have designed and published a series of fully resourced, interactive programmes that drive the development of character qualities and leadership traits by encouraging pupils to learn the behaviours, attitudes and skills that are the foundation of well-being and personal effectiveness.

Engaging and interactive, the programmes provide an ethical framework that positively impacts
SMSC whilst nurturing school ethos and values.

The programmes are endorsed by the Royal Chartered Management Institute (CMI), ASDAN Education, and an increasing number of school leaders, who recognise the excellence of programmes that encourage pupils to develop the qualities of character and leadership traits that are necessary to flourish and succeed in today’s world.
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‘Help me make my future outstanding’