Level 3 Award in Principles of Management and Leadership

A one-day workshop exclusively for students aged 16 - 19 years, aimed at developing your knowledge and understanding of how to develop high performing teams, whilst earning an internationally recognised professional management and leadership qualification from the Royal Chartered Management Institute, London.

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Why gain a professional qualification?

1. The edge

Acquiring professional management and leadership qualifications help you stand out from other candidates, as many universities and employers prioritise individuals who can effectively lead teams and drive organisational success.

2. Skill development

Management and leadership qualifications provide you with a solid foundation in various essential skills, such as communication, problem-solving, decision making, and strategic thinking. These skills are transferable across different industries and are highly sought after by employers in all sectors.

3. Self-awareness

Management and leadership qualifications encourage you to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, helping you gain a deeper understanding of yourself as a professional.

4. Networking opportunities

Studying for professional management and leadership qualifications with us provides you with membership of the Royal Chartered Management Institute and the opportunity to network and connect with professionals.

5. Leadership mindset

Gaining management and leadership qualifications alongside your academic qualifications cultivates a leadership mindset and prepares you for future leadership roles. By gaining your first management and leadership qualification, you can build a solid foundation for your future leadership journey.

Programme structure

The programme consists of a one-day workshop followed by a structured written assignment that is completed with one-to-one tutor support from a Chartered Manager Advisor and Assessor. This is an innovative and unique qualification and delivery model, encouraging you to take ownership and responsibility of your qualification journey.

At the end of the programme you will:

> Understand the role and purpose of teams.
> Be able to recognise the characteristics of a high performing team.
> Know how to lead, communicate with and motivate a high performing team.
> Know how to respond to challenges when managing a team proactively.
> Know how to manage the performance of a team.
> Achieve your Level 3 Award in Principles of Management and Leadership qualification.

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Accredited Programmes

As an approved Royal Chartered Management Institute Chartered Manager Assessment Centre we are authorised to provide direct, quality assured, assessment and verification services.

Post-workshop assignment

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After the workshop, assessment of your knowledge and understanding of how to 'manage a team to achieve results' is through a structured written assignment (2,000 to 2,500 words). The assignment is set and marked by TFL Education.

When you submit your assignment, if all the learning outcomes have been met, you will be awarded your Royal Chartered Management Institute professional qualification. If any of the learning outcomes are not met, specific guidance will be given on the additional work required.

Post-workshop support

After the workshop, you will receive TFL Education tutor support, access to the CMI's online learning platform and complimentary membership of the Chartered Management Institute for the duration of your qualification studies.

TFL Education tutor support
You will receive unlimited online one-to-one tutor support from TFL Education via Zoom to support you in completing your assignment.

Online Learning Platform
ManagementDirect is the Chartered Management Institute’s leading online portal of up to the minute management and leadership resources. With a wide range of content available, including checklists, videos, e-books, articles and journals; all accessible from any PC, tablet or mobile device, you can select resources to help you complete your assignment.

Chartered Management Institute Membership
You will receive complimentary Affiliate membership of the Chartered Management Institute for the duration of your qualification studies allowing you the opportunity to network with professionals.

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What students say...

This CMI project was very enlightening. I learnt a lot and I am quite honoured to have enhanced my leadership skills as the head boy of my school. I would like to recommend this course to as many people as possible, so that more responsible leaders are developed.

Charles | Student | British International School Gambia

I really learnt a lot through this course and would highly recommend it to any high school student. I wish I had taken it earlier. Through this course I have learnt a lot of necessary skills that I never really thought about. I have learnt team management skills, leadership skills and also project management skills. I would recommend the CMI course to other students because it will be super helpful regardless of the career path they decide to take. I am glad I took the CMI course.

Rohey | Student | British International School Gambia

As the first CMI (Chartered Management Institute) course that I have ever done, I believe I have been equipped with practical skills necessary for any corporate setting. The successful completion of the course, not only comes with hands-on leadership skills, but also an accredited qualification.

The course also boosted my confidence. During the classroom sessions, I got the opportunity to openly express my opinions about assigned tasks and the frequent communication within the team activities has helped me come out of my introverted shell. I have been able to discover how best I work in a team and so I have made some personal adjustments that would make me an active team player in the future.

Fatoumatta | Student | British International School Gambia

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