Learning to Lead

Learning to Lead consists of three independent modules - Born to Lead, Taking the Lead, Being a Good Leader.
The main thrust of the units is directed at personal leadership development, ethics, morality and an awareness of community and social justice. The units are designed to be acceptable to pupils from all backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.

Module A - Born to lead

In Module A, students are introduced to the idea that, throughout their lives, each of them must take responsibility for leading their personal development. The exploration of heroes, heroines, tyrants and tormentors helps to unravel the concepts of leadership. Working individually and in groups students explore character qualities and leadership skills they must develop if they are to be ready for their ‘Big moment’.

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Module B - Taking the lead

The 21 units of Module B actively encourage personal development. Creating a vision, articulating goals, team leading and speech writing are just some of the sessions that mingle with an examination of further leadership skills. The units are punctuated with tasks that encourage reflection. By the time students reach the final unit they are in a position to monitor their progress and plan their next steps.

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Module C - Being a good leader

In Module C, we assume that students have accepted that our opening premise on leadership is true. Now is the time to learn about 'Being a good leader'. Students are encouraged to seek out opportunities in school, at home, and in the community to further develop their skills.

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Benefits for Teachers and Pupils

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