Key Skills for Success

Key Skills for Success consists of three independent modules, each designed and specifically written to support the teaching of personal leadership.

The programme consists of 5 - 6 hours of ‘teaching and learning’ experiences per module and is designed to promote the development of the character qualities and leadership skills identified as essential for pupils to make the transition to further education and/or employment.

Each fully resourced module culminates in a final activity that will support the delivery of your current curriculum provision.

My Personal Skills Profile - Pupils write a personal statement.
Communication - Pupils prepare a video response to the interview question ‘So, tell me about yourself?’
Teamwork - Pupils examine the recruitment and interview process.

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My Personal Skills Profile

This module aims to help pupils to understand:

That there is potential for greatness in everyone.
The importance of self-confidence.
The importance of knowing who you are and what you can do.
Simple ways in which you can help to build confidence in yourself and others.
The qualities that can be developed to help you succeed.

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This module aims to help pupils to understand:

The value of clear, honest expression.
The importance of emotional literacy.
Why effective listening matters.
The power of the spoken word.
The skills of an effective speaker.

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This module aims to help pupils to understand:

The power of the team.
That teams rely on each individual’s contribution.
That no individual is more important than the team.
That leadership changes within the team.
A team will fail without commitment from all its members.

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Benefits for Teachers and Students

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