First Steps to Leadership Workshops

This one-day workshop provides pupils with the opportunity to explore the character qualities and leadership skills of great leaders. We want pupils to ‘dream big’ and the aim of the workshops is to provide the rationale, language and tools to raise aspirations, promote achievement and increase happiness.

The workshop has been designed to provide an active learning experience packed with activities, role play, group work, discussion and laughter.

The workshop has a flexible design and has successfully been used by schools as:

KS2 to KS3 transitional workshops.
Motivational workshops for Year 5, 6, 7 and 8 pupils.
Multi Academy Trust pupil collaboration days.
Enrichment activities.
Activity week provision.
An integral component of summer schools.
A parental engagement project.

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Self - Awareness

Appropriate for pupils aged 10 - 14 years

This workshop helps pupils to understand:

That there is potential for greatness in everyone.
The importance of self-confidence.
The importance of knowing who you are and what you can do.
Simple ways in which you can help to build confidence in yourself and others.

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Appropriate for pupils aged 10 - 14 years

This workshop helps pupils to understand:

The power of the team.
That teams rely on each individual’s contribution.
That no individual is more important than the team.
A team will fail without commitment from all its members.

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