Key Skills for Leadership

Key Skills for Leadership consists of three independent modules, each designed and specifically written to support secondary school teachers in their endeavour to explicitly teach character qualities and leadership skills to their pupils. The customised programme is designed to accredit Wider Key Skills at Level 3, which we do through our Direct Certification Status, granted to us by ASDAN Education.

The programme consists of 5 - 6 hours of ‘teaching and learning’ experiences per module and is designed to promote the development of the character qualities and leadership skills identified as essential for pupils to make the transition to higher education and/or employment.

Each fully resourced module is accredited with 20 UCAS points and culminates in a final activity that will support the delivery of your post-16 curriculum provision.

Problem Solving - 20 UCAS points.
Improving Performance - 20 UCAS points.
Working With Others - 20 UCAS points.

Following changes to UCAS points for all qualifications, each Wider Key Skill is accredited with 6 UCAS points for students entering higher education in September 2017 (18 points if students complete all three modules).

Problem Solving

This module aims to help pupils to identify, research and analyse their career pathway options available post sixth form.

This module includes units covering:

Knowing your worth.
Career pathways.
Goal setting.
The application process.
Preparation for interview.

Improving Performance

This module aims to help pupils improve their performance in their main subject studies by focusing on setting targets, managing time, planning and reviewing progress.

The module includes units covering:

Creating a vision.
Goal setting.
Beating the ‘blues’.

Working With Others

This module focuses on teamwork, and on planning, organising and carrying out collaborative work.

The module looks at the advantages of teamwork and includes units covering:

Step forward, speak up.
Learning to listen.
Dealing with difficult people.
Chairing a meeting.
Group task.

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